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We are being plagued with automated phone calls to our BT landline from UberEats, three times a day from midday until midnight for a month. The message implies it thinks we are a restaurant. This is clearly a case of mistaken identity.

BT is unable to block the calls unless I can give them the number to block, but number identification is unavailable on these messages.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has been unable to help despite its acknowledgement that Uber is breaking the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. Short of changing our phone number, are we stuck with these messages for the rest of eternity?

PP, London

UberEats is an online food order and delivery platform launched by Uber. “Your day belongs to you” is, ironically, its slogan. As you discovered, it fends off complaints by providing no customer contact whatever. Only through the press office do I elicit a response. “While this was clearly a mistake, we’re very sorry for the inconvenience,” it says. “Our support team has stopped all calls and apologised for the annoyance. We continue to investigate to understand how this happened.”

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