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I’m having a hard time getting worked up over the Broncos’ prospects. Reason No. 1 is Case Keenum. Despite last year, this guy is still a journeyman. And Von Miller? He’s all over the tube out of uniform, making big bucks, and that’s not usually a formula for big numbers. Toss in an unproven coach and ownership discord, and it doesn’t pass the smell test.

T.K., color him skeptical

Kiz: Smell test? It’s summer, my man. Let’s stop and smell the roses. Know why the Broncos have a chance to make the playoffs? The Raiders, Chiefs and Chargers all kinda stink themselves.

As a lifelong Astros fan, plus the fact my wife and son drove over 1,000 miles to be at a game in Denver, I take offense to your comments that we are bandwagon fans. Maybe if Rockies fans showed up, our shouts of “woo” wouldn’t resonate in your ballpark.

Jay, Nederland, Texas

Kiz: Y’all are welcome to come on back for a Rockies-Astros series in October. Woo-hoo. Now that would be some fun.

In your column about the Astros fan who interfered with a ball in play, you made it very clear you have no respect for any adult bringing a mitt to the game. I must defend myself. I am a 70-year old man. I never lived where I was able to attend a major-league game until I moved to Denver in 1996. I have never obtained a game ball in the last 22 years. I always take my mitt with me. I have a recurring dream: A foul ball lands near me and rattles around in empty seats. I dive for the ball, but so does an 8-year-old boy. I manage to get it a second before him, snatch my prize and hold the ball in the air triumphantly. The poor little boy bursts into tears. The crowd takes his side and hollers: “You should give that ball to the little boy!” Whereupon I turn slowly to the crowd with a smile and answer: “He can do what I did: Wait 60 years to get one.”

Patrick, ball hawk

Kiz: Ain’t that America? Home of the free. Land of the brave. And the place where it’s every man — and kid — for himself. Let me ask you something, Patrick: Have you ever met my friend Walt Kowalski?

On the topic of how to act at a major-league game: So the wave is OK?

Dan, Denver

Kiz: All the choreographed pageantry and good-natured foolishness at a game is cool by me. But I have wondered: Do a higher percentage of spectators participate in doing the wave or singing the national anthem? Which do we love more: Our country or our fun?

And today’s parting shot is a little verification for my assertion that some folks on the Astros bandwagon rolling through Denver last week don’t know the difference between outfielder George Springer and talk-show host Jerry Springer.

The Houston guy behind me at Coors Field on Wednesday kept talking about “Carlos Springer.”

Chris, Boulder

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