Case Keenum interceptions against Raiders

Broncos quarterback Case Keenum was awful against Seattle! It’s time for Chad Kelly!

Christian, quick with the hook

Kiz: We’re already cranking up the calliope music? Please stop. The staff here at Kickin’ It Headquarters is still queasy from a two-year ride on the quarterback carousel. Repeat after me: Keenum is not Tom Brady. Keenum is not paid like a top 10 QB, so roll back those out-sized expectations and you’ll be happier, Broncos Country. But I get it. If Keenum goes all Paxton Lynch on us and throws three picks against the Raiders, the home crowd will be tempted to chant: “Kelly, Kelly, Kelly!”

Wish we could chant for your replacement, Kiz.

Mike, agent of change

Kiz: I think Kelly would make an excellent sports columnist. When I grow up, I want to be a back-up quarterback, paid big bucks to stand on the sideline in a baseball cap.

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