CNN Literally Hails Oprah As “Queen Of The Universe”

CNN’s Van Jones claimed that Oprah would crush anybody she ran against. Ever since Oprah’s Golden Globes speech, liberal news outlets have been begging Oprah to run. Because liberals think that giving a nice speech is all it takes to be President.

“The question is, does she want to be demoted from queen of the universe to President of the United States? That’s the only question. If she wants to do it, she can do it. She is probably the most beloved human being on Earth. She is probably the most beloved carbon-based life form on Earth. If she runs, she will destroy anyone in front of her,” claimed Van Jones.

“The question is, does she want to do it? I’ve talked to a lot of people close to her, around her, there is basically bedlam in Oprah land right now. People are begging her, please run, please run, please run,” said Jones.

“She’s given no indication she’s moved off her position that she doesn’t want to do it. I will say that speech last night was extraordinary,” said Jones.

 “That speech, she did in nine minutes what Barack Obama did in 17 minutes in 2004. She told her story. She told the American story in a way that just was electrifying. If she decides to do this, it is going to be one of the most extraordinary runs in American history,” said Jones. Democrats are really getting desperate. Check out the video below.



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