Colin Kaepernick named new face of Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ Video

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Now to that bold Stant choose for quarterbac col Kaepernick as a face O campaign. Kaeper, of our, srted theovement to kneel dur the nationalnthem torotest racial in es Ryan Smith is here wh more. R:e making but famous for taking stand. Colin Kaepernick is back, not on theld but as the its 30 anniversju it campaign with thihoto of the quarterback accompaniedith the Ogan believe in something. Evenftns sacrifi everything. E former 4ers quarterback who ded theic protestingice brutality during T national anthem a L games has become polarizing figure in the sport an currely suing T league accusg team owners of O keep T free agentuarterback out of the game. Ou’re goi toave that backlash F try to fht people. Reporter: Now legend athletes like Michael aiger woods as the face O’s most famous serious of ad. Good, Serena. Reporter: Serena Williams a longtime Nike ambassadorwill appear in T campaign with I think every athlete, every human and definitely africaerican shod completely gratel for re how Colin Eric E working the greater good Rter: It DW praise even as it sparks a backlash. Some calor a boycott. Otheg anything bearinghexecutives at Nike decided this was a rk worth king. And that even if the people whosay, hey, not ever G to buy anoer Nike product may finthers who dey will nowuy ne beethis. Reporter: A vice present for Nike which has a en deal with kaepek foelling ESPN about the new . The kaeperniew deal negotiated in part B his attorney in the NFL lawsuar geragos includes signature shoe deal, apparel linike making conions to Kaepernick’s know your R foundation, a big part of a deal. Bold move by Nike back to ginger. Heat index on labor day ma I to 102

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