Dwarf wrestlers slam charity that succeeded in banning ‘freak show’ tour

A row has broken out after a charity succeeded in banning “freak show” dwarf wrestling events. 

At least two shows in a planned UK tour by “Dwarfanators” performers, based in Texas, USA have been cancelled after protests from British charity the Restricted Growth Association. 

Performers have protested that they will lose two weeks of earnings if the tour is cancelled and called the criticism from the RGA “rude”. 

And a local politician has backed the wrestlers, arguing that the performers will lose money. 

James Lusted, an actor and county councillor in Rhos-on-Sea, north Wales, who has dwarfism, said he was “really frustrated” at the cancellation. 

“If they want to wrestle then let them crack on. If you don’t agree with it don’t go,” he told BBC Radio Wales.

“That’s how they’ve chosen to live, that’s how they’ve chosen to support their families, pay their bills. Why don’t we just encourage and support them in that.

“These professional entertainers, they’re well trained and fit but they’re actually going to lose finances now. I feel sorry for them.”

The events in Leicester and Ferndown, near Bournemouth were pulled by the venues after the criticism. 

But Mr Luster said planned shows in Cardiff and Swansea should go ahead. 

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