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“Deals & steals.” Welcome. Let’s talk ball. Football,concerts, anything you’ going to in the stadium purse, this is their clear stadium action. Es a breeze. Is like how fs this? The footba shape. Can you please show Faren? She real wants to Or theessenger style bag.rtment ofthese. They normally range2 to $54 alllahalf, 21 to $27 for the bag. Oka nother thing I Yes Alex and ani. Co six diffe S from them, earrings, bracelets, a huge asment. Rmally 22 to $58 all made in Erica slasd by at least 57%, $12 to $23. Beautiful. T thebest. These are really fabulous. What I about this, this is a brand-new look. It’smi What is it?microderm mister. You use it wet or asortment ll of these different cia our producer Molly told M this is her mom’sbsolute forite line. This microderm. Big assortment. I lov bristles. 79 to everything from Micha Todd slashed in half, $390 $59.. Okay. Bath balms. Il one my favorites. This cpany fling smitten all made I I ppo lovehe bath balms ins M too. Of course. Goages. Normally $6 $10. $3 to $5. And then pet F these are rll fabulous tech accessors, Lile phone line,battery, a backup battery.b cord, apple watchnds, apple cases, big as. From th ndy, all slashed more than in half, $2 to $20 we have . We have coming up. I think we have timene re. We do? Let’s do it. Pes. Peepers. B readers a favorite. Neadedhains so you never lose your bulous. T you look great always, slashed inhalf $9 to $12ut still Al H more coming up. I see you. Everyone in the audience going home W four of these products. Thank U. Go toeb to oer this is a channel 7 eyewitss news brief. Goo ING it’ 8:27 this thursdayeer 13th. I’m Ken Rosana. It is primar day and the polls are own. Both ae the best ce to pushbacknst trump’s conservative policies.

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