‘I’m struggling to obtain my ex-husband’s pension, which was given to me in exchange for a £26k loan’

I lent my ex-husband £26,000 between 2010 and 2012. He had initially contacted me in desperation and said he was selling some land in Brazil but was having difficulty finding his original documents of ownership, which was holding up the sale.

I have documents granting me full possession of the remainder of his pension on his demise as collateral for the loan in the event of the debt not being paid prior to his passing, which it wasn’t.

Although Aviva has been helpful and I have completed and returned all the relevant forms it has sent me since six months ago, this matter has not progressed.

I have a complete paper trail of all the dates that my money was transferred to my ex-husband, together with details from Aviva of him leaving me his pension.

I am 80 years of age and suffering from macular degeneration. I desperately need the loan repaying. The money was given in good faith and was my entire savings. My ex-husband passed away in 2015.

CG, north of England

Your husband had remarried and apparently there are a number of descendants. You have an expression of wishes form signed by him.

However, I understand that Aviva received another claim on this policy but this has not been pursued further. 

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