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Amid the gloom of corporate incompetence are beacons in the form of spontaneous customer service. It shouldn’t be so startling when companies deliver more than the bare minimum, but on the rare occasions it happens it should be applauded, so congratulations to these firms:

I recently bought an anorak from Rohan. I received a letter from the company to say that some people had experienced problems with the poppers coming away, and it wasn’t up to the Rohan standard. Enclosed was a gift card for the full amount I had paid and it did not ask me to return the jacket. I am amazed at this customer service. MB

We have had a Vita Audio radio for a number of years, before Vita was taken over by Ruark. The control dial had become very sticky.

Within a couple of minutes of sending a query on its website, to see if it was possible to buy a replacement, a real person replied asking for my address to send a replacement. This arrived the next day, free of charge. DS

A bouquet to Barefoot Trading in Cowbridge which supplies Nordic Walking Poles. I had used mine for a couple of years when one unexpectedly broke. It explained why it might have happened and offered to replace them. They arrived two days later, no quibble. YT

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