Jeb Bush Shows His True Colors, Explains Why There Will Never Be ‘Racist’ Border Wall

Jeb Bush showed his true colors during an interview with USA Today. During the interview he called President Trump a racist and said that there will never be a border wall. “I don’t think he’s a traditional conservative. And I think ultimately no matter what the outcome is of 2018, we need to start believing in our core values and principles again,” said Jeb!

“When you call Haiti, whether it’s an s-house or an s-hole, I mean it really doesn’t matter, you disparage a lot of people that love this country that are here making a contribution, making a difference. Why? Why do you do that?” he asked.

“It’s very frustrating, and it is racist to say what he – he may not be a racist, but the comments were racist. And at some point you gotta call him out on it. You’re preying on people’s fears and angst that the country is changing. People that don’t interact with folks that come from other countries that are as American as they are,” said Jeb!

Then he commented on the wall. “We’re not going to build a wall. Mexico’s not going to pay for it. We have 11 million people who aren’t going to be deported,” said Jeb definitively.

 “I mean the notion that somehow you’re going to round up people, separate them from their families, that’s the dirty little secret that people won’t admit because the minute as I just did, you put it on video, you get creamed on Twitter, and the haters come out in droves,” said Jeb! Check out the video below.



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