‘John Lewis needs to pull itself together and send the curtain pole I’ve been waiting on for months’

Eight months ago two John Lewis employees came to look at the window in my lounge concerning a new curtain pole I wanted. It presented a problem as it is a bay window with “boxed” secondary glazing.

Following the initial visit several fitters came and offered different solutions. I decided on a pole fitted on blocks of wood to bring the brackets out far enough to clear the window. Then the saga began.

More than three months ago a John Lewis fitter measured the window and said he would make the wooden blocks and paint them to match my walls. I provided the paint.

Laura Green, Cheshire

A month later, having heard nothing more and, feeling uncertain that any progress was being made, you phoned John Lewis. Someone called back and said the pole had definitely been ordered. A few days later the fitter also confirmed the order and that he had made the blocks.

Two weeks after that you visited the store, which is about a mile away so you usually walk there. You were told that, even though you had not paid or indeed been asked for payment, the order had gone through. Someone from the order department was supposed to contact you but they didn’t.

Ten days later, still with no progress having been made, you complained and were given a case number. A return call in two to four hours was promised but there wasn’t one.

You phoned again and were disconcertingly told you had rejected the estimate when you had definitely not done so. It seemed to be back to square one.

A call was supposed to be made to discuss this but, like previous ones, did not materialise. Five days later you went back to the store. Someone took all the details down again and advised you not to pay until it had been looked into. She called in the afternoon and said someone would ring to take payment. True to form, no one did.

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