Lib Reporter Just Said Republicans Are Not ‘Moral’ And Are Into ‘The Politics Of Sadism’

Liberals live in such a bubble that they seem to be oblivious to the fact that the other half of Americans live their lives completely differently from them and hold different political views. Somehow, however, liberals feel like they have the right to completely dismiss and insult everyone who identifies as Republican.

Yet another example of this occurred recently when Amanda Marcotte, a writer for left-wing website Salon, decided to accuse Republicans as being into “the politics of sadism.” In her column, she addressed the fact that Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska is considering running for president in 2020 as a primary challenger.

Marcotte claimed that Sen. Sasse has no chance of defeating Trump, because all Republican voters want now is lying and cruelty. She also said that Sasse is just as bad as Trump because he is “committed both to supporting Trump’s agenda and spreading misinformation to bolster far-right causes.”

 Wrote the liberal, “If Sasse is running against Trump, he’s banking on the idea that what Republicans want is Trump, but with an added dose of self-importance and sanctimony. There’s no evidence this is the case. On the contrary, Trump appears to have won the 2016 primary, despite having no political history or an ability to even feign understanding of the issues, because voters liked the fact that he served up naked bigotry without any conventional Republican moral posturing.”

She went on, “Sasse is likely to [be seen] as the phony he is to conservative base voters, who have made it clear that they are done with pretending that the politics of sadism is a noble endeavor.” Do you think it’s disgusting that she thinks Republicans are into “the politics of sadism”?


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