Liberals Turn On Rosie O’Donnell For ‘Sexist’ Thing She Just Said About A Certain Senator

Rosie O’Donnell just infuriate liberals and got called a ‘sexist’ for what she just posted about a senator on twitter. She finally got a taste of her own medicine and saw how crazy the side she supports really is. “who is that woman and why is she always frowning,” tweeted O’Donnell with a photo of Sen. Patty Murray frowning.

Do you know enough about how liberals think to know why her comment is ‘sexist’? According to these liberals, it is not acceptable to tell a woman she should be smiling. “That is Patty Murray and she’s a United States Senator. Smiling is not a requirement for her job (or for any woman, for that matter),” wrote one user.

“She’s U.S. Senator Patty Murray and is the third-ranking member of the Senate Democratic Leadership. I don’t think Senators are required to smile,” wrote another.

The Atlantic even wrote an article called “The Sexism of Telling Women to Smile,” that some commenters told her to read. “While pressure to smile at work is usually less overt and less frightening than street harassment, it can also carry greater repercussions. The need to preserve a good relationship with coworkers and clients means that responding angrily to frustrating requests isn’t really an option. And the subtle, unconscious biases that influence things like promotions and evaluations make the office one place where women sometimes really do “have” to smile to succeed,” says the article.

O’Donnell responded to the complaints. “I don’t expect it – was just curious – I have only seen her sitting behind chuck – worst seat ever – I had no idea she was a senator – gonna go donate to her now #PATTYMURRAY #BlueTsunami2018” she wrote.




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