Wolff Caught Telling Verifiable Lie About Kellyanne Conway In “Fire And Fury”

Michael Wolff released his new anti-Trump book “Fire and Fury” that accuses Trump of all sorts of things. The book claims that Trump never wanted to win the election. Liberals are believing this despite the fact that it contradicts their narrative that Trump wanted to win so badly that he colluded with Russia. Also it makes one wonder why Trump would have ran in the first place if he didn’t want to win.

The book quotes a number of people, who have pointed out the ways the author twisted their words or took what they said out of context. The author also has a history of making things up. But this won’t stop liberals from believing every word of it without evidence.

However, the book did say one thing about Kellyanne Conway that is verifiably false. “Conway, who had never been involved in a national campaign, and who, before Trump, ran a small-time, down-ballot polling firm, understood full well that, post-campaign, she would now be one of the leading conservative voices on cable news,” wrote Wolff. 

However, Kellyann Conway has a long history of involvement in national campaigns. She was a pollster for national campaigns in previous election cycles and worked with a number of PACs.

ABC contributor Kristen Soltis Anderson pointed out the lie on twitter. “Ok, I’m calling baloney on this. As a junior munchkin pollster, I remember being on major corporate projects @kellyannepolls led. She was a Gingrich 2012 pollster. “Small time” is insanely unfair and “never involved in a national campaign” is verifiably false,” tweeted Soltis.


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