Man admits to stalking, threatening CU cross country runners


Eric Ronald Bolduan

A Minnesota man on Thursday pleaded guilty in federal court to stalking and making deadly threats via the internet to former and current female athletes on the University of Colorado’s cross country team.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Denver said in a news release that Eric Ronald Bolduan, 43, downloaded images of the athletes from various internet and social networking sites and placed their pictures alongside images he got from porn sites of women who resembled the victims.

He would then upload the images to adult websites, naming the victims, their school and their contact information. Federal prosecutors said the purpose of Bolduan’s actions was to portray the victim “as involved in pornography and promiscuous behavior.”

Authorities said Bolduan emailed links of the pornographic postings to the victims and to people the victims were associated with, including professors, teammates and family members. He would then send threatening emails to the victims, “discussing how he was stalking her with the ultimate plan to rape, torture and kill her,” the release said.

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