MSNBC Guest Says “Abortion Waiting Periods” Cause Men To Distrust Women In Power

As the pro-life movement gains momentum, the ‘pro-choice’ movement is getting more vile and ridiculous. During a recent addition of “AM Joy” on MSNBC, ‘comedian’ Lizz Winstead argued that women being forced to wait to get an abortion shows that women are not to be trusted.

“For me, a lot of when we talk about the larger scope of how we trust women is when you look at these laws, so many of them, especially, are waiting period for abortion, 24, 48, 72 hours — what that says is we really don’t trust women,” said Winstead.

“And if we start legislating the fact that we don’t trust women with our reproductive choices, that is going to be part of our DNA when it comes to do we really trust women with anything: running our banks, running our country. I think that’s a really, really big sign that we need to look at,” said Winstead.

 The life of another human being doesn’t get to be your choice. But Planned Parenthood is showing themselves to be the cold hearted murderers they are. The House recently passed a bill that would force doctors to treat a baby if it came out alive after being aborted and Planned Parenthood is furious about it.

“The unnecessary anti-abortion bill moving through the House isn’t what people or doctors and clinicians want. Today, the House is voting on an unnecessary bill to politicize abortion and criminalize abortion providers instead of the many urgent things they need to do. #PatientsOverPolitics,” tweeted Planned Parenthood.



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