‘My Co-op Energy £5,400 bill farce is adding to my ill health’

My dear elderly mother bought a two-bedroom bungalow holiday home in north Wales in 2014. She inherited Co-op Energy to supply electricity.

Shockingly and sadly she died unexpectedly under grim circumstances in 2016.

I have ongoing health problems and had a heart attack caused by the grief and shock of losing Mum. The continued stress and worry of the Co-op Energy matter I am writing to you about, leaving me with a bill for more than £5,400, is adding to my ill health.

Please can you help?

HT, Cheshire

Even though your mother had notified Co-op Energy that she was the new owner and of her address, bills continued to be sent to the previous owner’s address. For a long time nobody at Co-op Energy would talk to her over the phone or reply to her letters.

At last she spoke to someone and thought she had arranged to have bills sent to her home address in Essex. Rather than that, they were then sent to the Wales address when she wasn’t there.

When she did get them, the figures were wrong and numerous letters and calls were made. Your mother gave permission for you to deal with it, but Co-op Energy wouldn’t let you.

After your mother died the matter simmered on. Finally Co-op Energy admitted the meter was faulty. But now no one seemed to understand the old meter information should be discounted.

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