Preserve fall harvest from your garden, protect your lawn

Summer heat is fading, the feel of fall is here. This year, we had more than 50 days of 90 degree temperatures or warmer. Hail along the Front Range ruined cars, crops and moods. Fortunate are those who are harvesting home-grown produce. Now it’s time to share what you’ve reaped while preserving the garden harvest for tasty winter reminders of summer.

Preserving the harvest

Preparing a well-stocked freezer and pantry of home-grown fruits and vegetables means you’ll need to make it happen now.

If your crops got hailed out or were less bountiful, purchase locally grown food at the grocery store, farmers market, community-supported agricultural program or farm-share.

There are several “putting up” methods: freezing, canning, drying, fermenting, pickling and dry storage. If you don’t know how to preserve, there are several how-to classes offered this fall (see the resource link below).

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