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welcome back to “Gma” on th Sunday moing. Happening right now flooded by Floren ‘re gettinour first ok fromve of the vastation left behind. The boat and helicopter. It is situation. Many neighborhood are swamped. The experts saying the worst M behind us rorees with at they’re issuing tons. In most Vrable inland areas. Evlgrim is ifa Nona where the risin to new ctrophic vels. It’s beenons pretty much herfor days N. Let me show you the little river nd us. You casee how fast imo and also how high it is. Cially in proximitythe’s not sposethat high. That’s why they put in place the mandatacuation for little rape fear river. Within a milee river they’re lling everne in the hey have to get out. The reasonor this is there’avy flood N of here. Overflowing the river basins. Wi more solid days of torrential downpours offt’s far to dangerous to stay put. Hope peo warning. Eva, H much are ey expectivers to rise. Leme just show youheumbers here. For hurricane Matthew it was at Abou feet. Thataist heighon me. They’re predicting this ri the little river, willrest at about Ven a number on this rulere. That puts me squarely under R and sort explainshy they’rso conceed and encouraging people to get out now when they T really eectively Ng, Eva, thaeven though the storm is a tropical depression the worst may not be ereva pilgrim on the ground in Fayetteville, thank you. Let’s get over to rob on the latest. As Eva mentioned,thew a damaging storm, this blowing that out of the water. Smafgt a of fact Ence is one of E three by Walgreens. Guys.

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