Rush Ripped Apart Democrats Over Who They’re Putting Ahead Of Our Military

Iconic conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has never been afraid to tell the cold, hard truth about political happenings that affect all Americans. During a recent broadcast, he recently addressed the ongoing matter of the looming government shutdown, and pointed out who will clearly get hurt by it.

Stated Limbaugh on his show, calling Democrats out for holding the country hostage for the sake of 800,000 people who are in our country illegally, “So basically what you have here, led by President Trump, is an anti-shutdown message, blaming the Democrats for it. And the message is Democrats are putting 800,000 illegal immigrants ahead of active duty military members.”

He continued, “That’s what this is about. That is essentially what Paul Ryan was saying in his press conference just before noon. That’s what Trump said outside the Pentagon today when he went over to the military. And every Republican from now ’til the end of this battle over this continuing resolution needs to say the same thing, be on message.”

He then advised Republicans in Congress who they should do to let the American people know how the Democrats are prioritizing illegals over active duty military members, “In fact, they might even want to run an ad. Shouldn’t be hard to put together. ‘This is the Democrat Party. They are the anti-prosperity party. They are the anti-security party. They are the pro-illegal immigration party.’”

 Rush added, “‘They are threatening to hold national security hostage, potentially costing the economy billions of dollars, forcing hundreds of thousands of federal government employees to go without pay –although they will be paid– in exchange for securing legal protections for 800,000 illegal immigrants.’” Do you think Speaker Ryan should take Rush’s advice?


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