Student activists plan march to protest NRA at the Denver Capitol

The Converse sneakers extended onto the coffee table and the friendship bracelets bedazzling the arms of the teenage girls on Tuesday night didn’t make the tone of the meeting any less serious — Colorado’s student activists were concerned about a social media threat connected to a protest they were planning against the NRA and Rocky Mountain Gun Owners on Saturday.

By Wednesday night, key organizers said the threats were too much and they planned to withdraw from the protest.

Being young and fluent in social media, the local teenagers were used to the occasional nasty comments on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and the like. But the crew crowded onto Kaylee Tyner’s family’s gray couch Tuesday night was trying to cope with nasty and sometimes violent threats against them for their gun-control beliefs.

While classmates are soaking up a fleeting summer vacation, these young Colorado activists are busy planning marches and protests in the wake of school shootings that have plagued their academic years. Student groups with like-minded gun control missions like Never Again Colorado and Students Demand Action are developing friendships across the board that make planning events like Saturday’s upcoming protest more manageable.

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