Teen pushed off bridge thinks she ‘fainted midair’ Video

Transcript for Teen pushed off bridge thinks she ‘fainted midair’

ch for th whit. Urn now to that bridge 60 feet INT the water. Now she selling her story. Gio Benitez is hwith. Good morng. Reporter: Good morning. Yeah, so many of you talking abouthi onoc right now. That 16r-old girl says I her friend who pushed her that bridge nowre learning that friend is an a re are question morning over whetherhould be criminal charged for pushing her. Thg, the girl seen video pusd a bridge and intohe water 60 bow is now speaking out om her hospital So she was countingn but I didn’t of anything oft and I like, , like don’t count down I won’t go if you count Repter: It shows S G 16-year-oldordan lgff bridge after the teen balked after jumping. Shsays it S her friend. After I was pushed in ihi iightave faintedmidair. On’t really remem hen rememr the water. Repter: The teen eg U our broken rs a punctured lungs. Hpi Thursday holgerso describing what Goger mind. In the a I was trying to push myself forward so I cou be like saight up and down so that my feet hitirst but that didn’t Reporter: Holgerson’s mother now say the Frid who pus hes an adult and shouldeown BETT okay. Sheld have kd M daughter. Thi could havbeen horrible. She could have wh fall three times your 50%fe will die. At’s usual 25 feet. EP many wondering if there will be chargroughtt the young woman who pushedigh school or. The investigation has to determine why D she push did she have some oth motivaon particularly to hurt the young or was this, again, some kind mistake. Reporter: And policere Teing us they are investigating this. But they W say whether they are pursuing charge mewhe we learn the teen was released fromhe hospi and a Hom resngh her family. WYOU watch that V you could actually hear her hitting thewater. The impact. I’m glad’s gti better. Four broken Comin up next on “GM” the not to arrest her

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