“That’s Not A Journalistic Exercise,” CBS Calls Out Wolff To His Face When He Reveals How He Got Info For Book

The book ‘Fire And Fury’ makes a lot of claims about the Trump White House and how it operates. The most ridiculous thing the book claims is that Trump didn’t want to be President. However, day by day, the book is getting completely discredited, so much so that even the liberal media is willing to call them out on it.

NBC reporter John Harwood tweeted a summary of what the book says about what Trump’s aides think of him. “Wolff book on how top aides regard Trump: “For Steve Mnuchin and Reince Priebus, he was an ‘idiot.’ For Gary Cohn, he was ‘dumb as shit.’ For H.R. McMaster he was a ‘dope.’ The list went on.”” tweeted Harwood.

However, in an interview with CBS Wolff admitted he did not actually interview any of these people for the book. “Did you speak to any members of the president’s Cabinet for this book?” asked CBS host Norah O’Donnell.

“I did not,” admitted Wolff. “The president denies he ever spoke to you for this book, at all,” said O’Donnell.

“I probably think he had no idea he was speaking to me for this book. When I would meet the president in the White House we would chat as though we were friends,” said Wolff. “But that’s not an interview, to greet someone and say, ‘Hello.’ That’s not a journalistic exercise,” responded O’Donnell calling him out. Check out the video below.



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