Turnbull’s pick for Wentworth drops out as Morrison faces first question time as PM – politics live | Australia news

As I said, the curtain is down on that performance. The long running performance of the Muppet show on that side of the House is setting new records. We don’t hold a candle when it comes to their performance. It is the longest running show in the history of the Australian parliament on that side of the House.

In terms of the issues raised by the member, yes, I can confirm we have a policy and we have a plan we’re implementing to ensure we have got congestion-busting infrastructure going all over our cities. I can confirm as a government, we have not only moved on delivering needs-based education funding but we are making great progress in ensuring there is absolute certainty that every parent, every parent who wants the choice to send their children to an independent school, like I do, I send them there because it reflects my faith. That’s great. It is wonderful. Everyone should have that choice.

Whether it’s a Catholic school or an independent school or anywhere else, I want them to have that choice and we will make sure they will have that choice, just like we will ensure that when it comes to religious freedoms, they will be protected in this country under my government. I can confirm we will be moving to ensure we reduce the tax burden further on small and medium sized businesses and I can confirm the Labor party will increase that burden on small and medium sized businesses which the member for Batman says “Tax is a privilege”.

No, when it is weighing down on a business, on a low income earner it is a burden that removes their hope and takes them away from the choices they want to make. My government will deliver the strong economic growth that Australians need to have the choices they want, whether it’s congestion-busting in the cities that means they can move around, see their families, get to work and get on with their lives. We support Australians living the life of their choice and we will enable their choices.

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