what happens if my home goes bust?

I’ve been reading the news about the increasing number of care homes being closed each year and it’s got me worried.

My mother lives at a home operated by a large provider. The company’s financial difficulties have been well publicised which has me a little nervous.

What would happen to my mother if the company goes into liquidation and her home is closed?

HT, Worcestershire

The number of residential care businesses going bust soared last year, with 148 closing, an increase of 80pc. Accountants have said the cost of providing care has greatly increased, with the introduction of the national living wage a chief driver.

The first thing to say is that your mother won’t be “out on the street” so there isn’t any need to panic about an immediate eviction. If a large company, such as that which provides your mother’s care, goes bust another company will often step in to take over some of the homes, with no impact on the day-to-day care of residents.

Very few care home closures are unplanned, according to the charity Independent Age. Residents will usually be informed well in advance.

Even with plenty of time to prepare, a closure can be difficult. Sue Learner, of comparison site carehome.co.uk, said: “This could be hugely traumatic for both your mother and your family. If she has lived at the home for years, she will have built strong bonds with staff and the other residents.”

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