29 House Dems Turn Against Biden and Side with GOP

revers / shutterstock.com
revers / shutterstock.com

By now, you know all about the political left’s plan to ban natural gas-fueled anything and supposedly save our climate or environment. In particular, gas stoves have been on the chopping block most recently.

Thankfully, logic and freedom ruled the day on Wednesday when nearly 30 Democrats sided with Republicans to ensure that what you use in your kitchen is up to you.

If you weren’t aware, the Biden administration, or more specifically, Biden’s Consumer Product Safety Commission, floated the idea that all gas stoves in the US should be banned to diminish our nation’s carbon footprint, as that is all the political left seems to care about anymore.

However, the idea, or at least the logistics of it, was soon nixed as it was unlikely to pass in either legislative house due to the thinning number of Democratic politicians.

And so the Department of Energy came up with another idea. Essentially it’s a regulation that demands new efficiency standards on existing and future gas stoves. Of course, the standards were so high that very few, if hardly any, stoves would have met those requirements and therefore been legal to own in the country, according to Fox News.

But before the bill could be put to a vote in either the GOP-controlled House of Republicans or the Democratic-led Senate (albeit by only one vote), an amendment was put forward on it by Republicans. And on Wednesday, that amendment passed.

Republican Representative Gary Palmer, like most GOP members, quite easily recognized the de facto gas stove ban for what it was and so moved to “prohibit the Secretary of Energy from implementing its proposed rule regarding gas stoves, or any other rule that would limit consumer access to gas stoves.”

The amendment passed with a 251 to 181 vote. This means that along with House Republicans, 29 Democrats also voted for the amendment and against Biden’s agenda.

As Palmer said in a statement, House Democrats in favor of Biden’s plan are essentially voting not only to dictate to you what you may or may not use in your own home but also to “dismantle American energy.”

Palmer and the rest of his party are vowing to meet that attempt “head-on” and continue allowing Americans the freedom to choose rather than to be dictated to “by a bureaucrat with a political agenda.”

Now, as is said before, this vote was just for Palmer’s amendment. The bill proposed by the Energy Department is set to reach the House floor in the coming days. But with the passing of this amendment already, it’s hard to see this going in the political left’s favor, particularly given that they will need GOP support to make it happen.

Another thing to point out here is that while the United States as a whole just might have gotten out of increasingly limited freedoms, the state of New York is not quite so lucky.

Thanks to a Democratic governor’s office, as well as both houses being controlled by the left, a similar state-level ban on gas stoves have already been pushed through in the state.

As Republican state Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt says, the proposal is more than a bit absurd. In fact, according to him, it’s ridiculous.

One reason is that the banning of gas stoves in one state, or even the entire nation, isn’t going to do squat to “stop the polar ice caps from melting.” He explains that, at this point, there is little we can do about the “climate change crisis,” as they call it – particularly because it’s the sun and not CO2 emissions that are depleting our atmosphere.

Secondly, the plan will only further restrict and limit consumer success rates in the state. Should it pass, as is expected, it will “increase people’s utility rates in the state of New York. It is going to decrease energy reliability in the state of New York, and it will do nothing to fight climate change.”

People are already leaving New York in record numbers. What do you think will happen when already skyrocketing energy bills are increased more?