5 Years Later, Kathy Griffin Wants to Claim PTSD Over Bloody Trump Stunt

Randy Miramontez / shutterstock.com
Randy Miramontez / shutterstock.com

Let’s be clear. Kathy Griffin has always been a martyr. She’s made a career out of being a subpar comedian who claims to be a part of the D-List. And to be fair, she is on the D-list all because of her doing. Her talent and her ambition have prevented her from rising to the top.
She gained a bit of notoriety about five and a half years ago because of a tasteless joke that had her investigated by the Secret Service. She held a severed, bloody head that was a replica to then-President Donald Trump.

Now, she’s claiming “complex PTSD.”

Virtually everyone shunned her after her joke fell flat. Corporate media and those in the entertainment world turned their backs on her. Even if they didn’t like Trump, they couldn’t condone what she did.

She’s painting herself out to be the victim. Yes, she truly thinks that she’s suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder because of how people have reacted to her disgusting joke. She is the attacker, not the victim – but that’s not the way that she wants to play this.

This is a woman who can still do stand-up comedy. She can still tweet until her heart’s content. And she’s even doing voice work for Futurama. It’s not as if her entire world has been turned upside down and she’s sitting on the curb in LA asking for handouts.

But, in a way, she is. And she always has. She’s pitiful, which sums up her career.

She has a TikTok account (because, of course she does) where she claims it’s the only place that she talks about her PTSD. She talks about how “I had a freaking 8 hour attack yesterday” that apparently left her “writhing in pain in the bed.”

At least she’s getting sympathy comments. She’ll just use the #PTSD to get it, which is just another reason why she’ll stay on the D-List for the rest of her life.