Abbott’s Bold Move: Texas Welcomes Hundreds of Brave California Cops Escaping Soft Crime Policies

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Oh, brace yourselves, folks! Governor Abbott’s all giddy about reports of cops stampeding from California to Texas like it’s the wild, wild west reincarnated. He just couldn’t resist sharing a piece on his X account, showering the fleeing officers with a Texas-sized welcome mat and a gentle reminder to keep voting red because, you know, Texas is the promised land of law and order.

The article by detailed the migration of law enforcement officers fleeing what they perceive as lenient crime policies in California for stricter ones in Texas and other states. Abbott took a minute to tweet a “Welcome to Texas,” adding a hearty endorsement for the boys in blue and a side of snark about not forgetting the “leftist policies” they escaped.

How bad is the migration of law officers from California? Evan Leona, a former detective in Fresno, California, noted meeting over a hundred officers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who had also left California.

Maria Haberfeld, a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, stressed the importance of anecdotal reports despite the lack of comprehensive data. According to her, cops are just tired of seeing crooks strut the streets scot-free, playing a real-life game of ‘catch-me-if-you-can. ‘ Who can blame ’em for wanting to punch out? She said that police officers tend to have a stricter stance on crime than the general public. She believes California’s lax attitude towards crime demoralizes officers and affects their morale.

The 2020 protests against police brutality, sparked by the killing of George Floyd, have led to significant turnover in police departments nationwide.

The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) highlighted some recovery in police staffing, with 2023 seeing an increase in hires and a decrease in resignations compared to previous years. However, while smaller departments are slightly above their January 2020 staffing levels, large departments remain over 5 percent understaffed, with smaller agencies experiencing higher resignation rates.

Curious about why Texas? Well, it’s not just about the cops. Don’t overlook Abbott’s headline-grabbing feats, like his grand plans for border security that include floating barriers and migrant bus tours to Democrat strongholds. Oh, and his little showdown with pro-Palestinian protesters at Texas colleges, where he threw a Texas-sized tantrum, rounding up more students than you can count on one hand. According to Abbott, Texas isn’t just any state; it’s a sanctuary of law and order where law enforcement is celebrated with open arms.