Add “Read a Price Tag” to the List of Things Biden Can’t Do


While serving as the keynote speaker for the National Association of Counties, President Biden took the time to address one of the biggest concerns across the US, the grocery bill. Regretfully, he proved that he cannot read a price tag.

“Today’s report on inflation shows the good is that inflation in America is continuing to come down. Food prices at the grocery store are coming down.”

Yet, the February 14th consumer price index clearly shows that the price of food in the home had continued to rise. This time it went up by 0.5% since December. Contrastingly, in November it went up 0.2%, and 0.1% in December. In the last 12 months, prices have gone up an astonishing 10.1% using numbers from Jan-Jan.

These price increases aren’t occurring evenly across the board, either. With commonly use items skyrocketing, many Americans are finding themselves being forced to change their diets drastically. Coffee has climbed by 12.6%, cereal by 15.6%, and eggs by 70%. A lack of port movement is largely to blame, but grain shortages have been the driving force behind the cereal change. Likewise, an outbreak of avian flu in multiple large egg farms has decimated egg availability.

While Biden proved he can’t read a price tag, this report also proved that “experts” in this industry aren’t very intelligent on the topic. With many claiming they were “surprised” by the numbers, they had only forecasted a 0.4% monthly increase and 6.2% from last year. Considering they are handed numbers to predict from, it should not be this difficult to get their prediction correct.

President Biden’s latest incident in a long stream of embarrassments still has not been enough for the people on the left. Then again, why should it?

This kind of message of instability and needing to rely on the government to make everything work is something the left thrives on. They want more voters to feel dependent on their programs and their funding. With messages like the one President Biden delivered, that dependence only grows stronger. Their key demographic listens intently for the idea that their benefits will go further, not for ways to get off them.

Combined with his stuttering while reading a teleprompter; the recent discovery of droves of classified documents at his house (in a garage next to his Corvette), in his office, and in his office at the University of Delaware; and his forgetfulness, the American people need to be concerned. These problems make for a man who is not mentally fit to be leading the free world, or even a free buffet.

A speech like this should be the precursor the American people and our elected rep need to make the choice and get us new leadership. It’s obvious his doctors are lying about his mental competency, and that’s not fair to us as a nation or the globe who look to the US to lead the way.

As it currently stands, things have gotten dramatically worse for the US since 2022. According to a Moody’s report in 2022, the 40-year-high inflation level President Biden has led us to would cost the average American an extra $5,520 in 2022, or $460 a month. Given the surge of inflation so far in 2023, that figure could go up significantly.

By now, Biden should have learned how interdependent the US economy is from one zone to another. This house of cards needs to be moved and adjusted methodically or the whole thing can collapse easily. Yet he makes decisions that only concern a small part of the house but bulldoze the rest of it.

His love of green energy and hatred for oil are great examples of this. While he believes he is encouraging more people to use electric vehicles, all he is doing is dividing the American people and making people despise one another over the simplest of things. This isn’t what America is about, and we shouldn’t stand for it.