Afghan Immigrant Says San Francisco a Worse S–thole Than Afghanistan or Iraq

Andrew Zarivny /
Andrew Zarivny /

An immigrant who owns a tobacco shop in San Francisco has told Fox News the city is now a bigger dump than Iraq or Afghanistan. He would know! The shopkeeper, who was only identified as Zaid, came to America from Afghanistan more than 30 years ago. Zaid now says the blue-run, Democrat-controlled city is becoming downright unlivable.

Gangs have recently ripped Zaid’s shop off to the tune of $100,000 worth of cash and merchandise. The intrepid San Francisco Police Department, which is no longer allowed to bother criminals, hasn’t caught a single one of the robbers.

“It’s worse than Afghanistan or Iraq,” says Zaid. “At least in Afghanistan the Taliban will cut your hand off, and people are afraid to commit such a crime.”

At this point, some serious hand-chopping might be the only way to get crime under control again in San Francisco. The city is about one lengthy power outage away from turning into a Mad Max sequel. Television cameras simply don’t do justice to the filth, squalor, and unimaginable stink that permeates the air in what used to be one of America’s most beautiful cities.

Zaid said he sees robberies of other stores near his on an almost daily basis because the crooks “know the police won’t do anything.” The gang that robbed his store most recently was inside the shop for 20 minutes, and they calmly drove off in two vehicles.

San Francisco is now so ratty, crime-infested, and disgusting that stores like Whole Foods and Nordstrom are pulling out. Immigrants are now longing to return to the squalor of their home countries. Zaid notes, “We have drugs issue, we have homeless issue, and on top of this these idiots come in here and take whatever they want.”

Is Zaid running for mayor in the next San Francisco election? If he is, and he has a hand-chopping platform, Americans should seriously think about donating to his campaign.