Another Major Shipment is Headed to Ukraine – Will This Make Things Worse or Better?

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Surprise, surprise, Democratic President Joe Biden has announced that he will be sending Ukraine more stuff. Anymore, this seems to be a weekly announcement made by the White House and one that’s getting rather old as the nation continues to face down some rather concerning financial situations.

However, this week, it is noted that money isn’t involved, at least not directly.

Instead, Biden told reporters on Wednesday that Ukraine will soon be receiving “hundreds of tanks.” And yes, by tanks, he means massive war machines.

Now, to clarify, the US is not sending “hundreds” of tanks. Over the next few months, Ukraine has received promises from several nations, including the United States and Germany, that tanks will be sent over to help with the nation’s defense against Russia and its ongoing invasion of its smaller neighbor.

As Fox News reported, only 31 tanks are being sent from the US. However, those just happen to be our biggest and most powerful, the M1 Abrams. According to Biden, this number will be equivalent to “one Ukrainian battalion” and therefore do much to serve as a much-needed defense of the nation’s “territory and achieve strategic objectives.

But as Biden added, there are some issues with sending these war monsters. For starters, their massive size will millions in transportation fees, as well as months on end to even get to Ukraine.

Another issue is that as some of the most powerful machines in the world, they are quite complex, both to operate and maintain. Thusly, Biden will also be sending Ukraine a massive number of “parts and equipment necessary to effectively sustain these tanks on the battlefield.”

Additionally, there will be an impressive amount of training that Ukrainian troops will have to undergo to ensure these tanks are operated and sustained as well as possible.

Naturally, all of those costs millions more.

So, Biden is once again throwing hard-earned taxpayer dollars at Ukraine.

Of course, the larger concern is that giving Ukraine such military advantages may end up having a negative effect on the already tense relationship between the US and Ukraine’s enemy Russia.
Biden, as naïve as he is, naturally says that this move “is not an offensive threat to Russia.” But how could it not be?

Not only are these tanks capable of defeating a number of Russia’s forces and hurting their goals of doing whatever with Ukraine, but according to some of Ukraine’s highest officials, once Russia is put in their place, these vessels can then be used offensively, perhaps to even take out a few major Russian cities.

According to Newsweek, a Ukrainian military adviser to President Volodomyr Zelenskyy, Mikhail Podolyak, has claimed that, given the new support from the US and other nations, the war could very well soon reach the doorstep of Russian cities like Moscow.

One Russian journalist noted Podolyak saying, “An internal escalation of the war in Russia is inevitable, and different strikes will be carried out on different targets.” He added that “pampered” cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg could soon see strikes.

Now, to be clear, Podolyak did mention that not all strikes would have to be executed by military means to be effective. He noted that those of a “protest nature” could work just as well. Indeed, Russia has already seen an increase in internal protest activity, and an increase in such could certainly cause some internal damage.

Nevertheless, the threat of internal strikes to major cities like Moscow, whether by protest or M1 Abrams, is not something that will be taken lightly by Russia or its leadership. Sure, Ukraine may be the one behind it all, but don’t you think for a second Putin isn’t going to have a bit more animosity towards the US as a result.

Once again, the incompetence of Biden is astounding.