Arizona AG Promises to Make Election Day Fiasco Right

Niyazz /
Niyazz /

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard that Election Day didn’t go as planned again for the state of Arizona. Sure, there were election results, with the Democrats claiming victory.

But, like in 2020, there are many doubts about whether those results are genuine and “fair.”

For Governor-elect Katie Hobbs, she naturally thinks they are. In fact, during a speech on Monday during the certification of those election results, she claimed the election was “free,” “fair,” and full of “transparency” and “accuracy.”

The truth is a bit stickier than that for just about everyone else.

Take GOP Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, for instance.

Before I get into this, I want to clarify that just because Brnovich is a Republican, it doesn’t make him an “election denier” in the case against Hobbs. In fact, in 2020, when many assumed election fraud had ruined the election in the Grand Canyon State and caused questionable results, he was one of the few GOP members who insisted nothing of the sort happened.

Yes, he said there were some problems and ones that would need to be fixed before another election occurred. But as far as fraud goes, he found no evidence that it existed, as so many said.
This go-round, his claim is not the same.

To be clear, neither he nor the outgoing governor Republican Doug Ducey says that fraud has indeed affected the results. However, according to Brnovich, there seems to be much more evidence pointing in that direction this time. And that’s something he can’t just ignore.

For starters, there are numerous complaints about voter machines and tabulators not working as they should on Election Day. And this isn’t just mere heresy.

It’s been documented that some 71 polling sites had these kinds of issues. Printers rejected some ballots while accepting others, and down voting machines caused lines hours long at location after location, leaving literally hundreds still waiting in line when the polls closed at the end of the day.

Of course, most of these problems occurred in Maricopa County, the most populous in the state.

In a poll taken shortly after Election Day, it was found that some 79 percent of all Arizonians believe their “sacred right to vote” had been denied – and this included 69 percent of all Democrats asked. In fact, about 35 percent of Dems asked even agree with GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake in saying the election was wrong or could be based on the number of voters who didn’t get to vote or whose vote had somehow been not counted.

But, of course, as the supposed winner, Katie Hobbs is having none of it, calling all of this a “false narrative” and saying that election deniers are behind all and simply trying to ruin democracy.
For Brnovich, he’s not sure democracy prevailed as she claims it did. And so, during his short time left in office, he’s vowed to do everything he can to eradicate fraud if it happened and do what is necessary to make the election results right, or what they should be.

He also made sure to mention that while he was present and a witness to the certification of the current results, he had no part in actually confirming such results. In fact, the only person who did was Hobbs herself, as the state’s current Secretary of State.

I know, it all seems a bit fishy, doesn’t it? I mean, how is she allowed to certify her own election results and crown herself as the winner? Again, it doesn’t seem nearly as fair as she claims.

But I digress…

Brnovich also seemed to issue a threat of some sort, or at least a warning to Hobbs. It came as he quoted JFK’s 1961 inaugural speech. He said, “I am reminded of what John F. Kennedy often said: ‘Those who ride the tiger to seek power often end up inside.”

Basically, if you take dangerous measures to ensure your rise to power, those measures may end up being the end of you. And for Hobbs, that means this election may yet be overturned if it’s proven that fraud played a part in her win.