Armed Homeowner Keeps Fake Cops Out

Christopher Slesarchik /
Christopher Slesarchik /

Any time people come pounding on your door pretending to be the police, you should be alarmed. Especially when that happens at 2 a.m. For one homeowner in Auburn, WA, just outside Seattle, he knew the people who were pounding on his door weren’t really “Seattle Police” as they proclaimed to be.

Responding with gunshots, the assailants quickly retreated and attempted to fire off some rounds of their own as they ran away. A statement from Auburn PD said, “The homeowner was armed and quickly started firing shots at the intruders through the door. After multiple shots were fired, the three suspects fled. Detectives are working hard to try to identify the three suspects in this case.”

Neighboring residents told local TV network KOMO they were suddenly awoken by the sounds of gunfire. One resident who didn’t want to be identified said, “We heard a bullet go through our window and our alarm started going off and then I just heard an exchange of gunfire just a bunch of bullets. You assume you’re safe, you assume it wouldn’t happen to you and even though it didn’t happen directly to me, it’s close enough where we saw the impact in our living room.”

Crimes like this one leave a lot of lessons to unpack. Mostly, the lessons to not only arm yourself but also to install surveillance cameras at home. Footage from this incident would easily clear the homeowner if someone had died. The whole “he wasn’t in danger” excuse would quickly be out the window with this footage. Another pair of lessons goes to the criminals; never declare yourself as a member of the police (adds in an impersonating an officer charge). If you do, pick the right name. Seattle would not be announcing a warrant in another police jurisdiction.

Dumbass criminals are everywhere. It’s a shame the homeowner wasn’t a better shot with all that adrenaline.