As Prices Climb, Now You Can Save Gas Without Getting a New Car

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Since Biden took office, we have seen gas prices skyrocket and remain over-inflated. While the record of $5.02 on June 14, 2022 remains uncontested, and now sitting at $3.53, there are still parts of California well over $5 a gallon. This has everyone looking to do whatever they can to cut gas costs in any way possible.

Getting a new car adds in extra costs, and even going electric will still result in paying for a charge, so the savings aren’t coming upfront but over the long haul. Instead, cutting costs with what you have is one of the best ways to maximize that budget.

Here are 10 easy ways to save gas besides getting a new car.

1. Stay at half – Especially if you live in winter weather states like NY or MT, keeping a half-full tank at all times is a way of life. If you get trapped in your car, it gives you the best chances of survival if you have fuel in the tank. By staying at half, you can also be choosier when you fill up.
2. Check online – From Gas Buddy to AAA, there is no shortage of online resources for price shopping. Look around and see who’s offering the best savings. Sometimes in-app or reward members get hidden deals that can really add up. 
3. Minimize travel – Making more concise trips and cutting out unnecessary travel can knock down your gas use. If you want to go get ice cream, is the place 10 miles away that much better than the one that’s just a mile down the road? Good, now walk that mile and enjoy the exercise benefits, too. 
4. Use gas apps – Most gas companies have their own apps. If you trust them, you can also store your card info so you can pay at the pump with your cellphone. Plus, their in-store purchases by entering your cell number can multiply to give you literal dollars off per gallon.
5. Drive evenly – As fun as it is channeling your inner Dominic Toretto at a red light, racing the other cars is only wasting your gas. It’s not bringing back your HS crush, and it’s not paying your bills.
6. Pay attention to aerodynamics – Leaving the roof box, bike rack, and camper on the car/truck doesn’t just look tacky; it robs you of your gas. Unless you are using it that day, take it off and watch your MPG come back to life. 
7. Buy quality fuel – You might save 3 cents a gallon by buying from Brad’s Fuel instead of a chain gas station. Contrary to popular belief, all gas is not the same, and that 38-cent savings on a full tank might cost you $3800 in repairs when there’s water in the tank that causes you to blow your engine. 
8. Quit paying for premium – Premium is one of those things that you only need to get if the automaker is calling for it, and they are clear about that inside the owner’s manual and oftentimes on the gas cap. If they aren’t telling you to use premium, use basic unleaded. It will save you money, and the engine will run precisely as designed. 
9. Check tire pressure – Having proper tire pressure is one of the most overlooked problems. If you’ve ever rolled a wheelbarrow with 100 lbs of rock in it, it’s hard enough on a good tire. Make that flat, and it becomes damn near impossible. Now imagine doing that with thousands of pounds on 4 wheels. Not going to be very easy to get going, and that means your engine is working harder. 
10. Cut the AC – Running that AC on full tilt isn’t going to help your gas mileage. Sit while the engine warms up, open the windows, and crank the AC full bore if you need to cool the car off. Close the windows and 30 seconds, and the car will be tremendously cooler. Cut the AC and watch the savings add up. With the winter approaching, outside temps are lower, so you can open the window too.

These simple steps will help get those gas costs down and make it take longer between fill-ups!