Bannon Gives Unexpected Suggestion for 2024 Ticket

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With 2024 and its presidential election well underway, it seems everyone is discussing candidates and potential candidates. Usually, those are divided in terms of party – you know, Republican vs. Democrat. But what if the two aisles were to combine on a ticket?

While it might be nearly unthinkable, that’s precisely what one former Trump adviser just suggested.

On Monday, former President Donald Trump’s adviser Steven Bannon was speaking on his podcast “War Room” about a recent Q&A session he did. Naturally, he discussed the third presidential campaign of Trump and who he might choose as a VP.

Bannon noted the choices available, most of which are strong Republican women, former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is by far his favorite. However, at this point, there is no real guarantee either that Trump will choose her or that, should he, she will be available or want the position of VP.

He said, “Look, I’m a Kari Lake person, but if Kari Lake becomes governor, as she should if this court case, or if not, she runs for the Senate.”

It is at this point that things get a whole lot more interesting.

As you might have guessed, what Bannon says next will reveal who Trump should choose if Lake is unavailable. But I doubt anyone would have expected to hear a strong liberal’s name.

“If she’s not available to be Trump’s VP that Bobby Kennedy would be, I think, be an excellent choice for President Trump to consider.” Bannon also added that when he originally floated this idea during the Q&A, the crowd stood in “ovation,” and this was a “very hardcore MAGA war room posse crowd.”

It’s important to note that these remarks and suggestions came shortly after Democratic Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gave a speech at Hillsdale College. During this speech, he spoke a great deal about freedom, how our government is not what it should be, and gave multiple warnings about totalitarianism.

I know, for a man who appears to be a hardcore liberal on most agenda talking points, this might seem a bit unusual. And it is to be sure.

Of course, that is precisely why those like Bannon have now considered what it might look like to join the Republican and liberal ticket for one that could potentially unite the nation like never before.

If you didn’t know, Kennedy is running against President Joe Biden for the 2024 Democratic nomination.

Naturally, this makes him an enemy of the Soros-backed left that still support the idea of another four years under the dementia-ridden Joe Biden.

It also makes the idea of a “unity” ticket even more well-liked.