Biden Admin is Now Holding Meetings in Secrecy of War Rooms Thanks to THIS

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If you haven’t heard, House Republicans are launching numerous investigations into the Biden administration. And apparently, those probes are making its lawyers so nervous they are holding secret meetings.

According to a report on Monday by NPR, White House lawyers, and strategists have begun meeting in the secretive office suite of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, in the same rooms where the secretary of war used to meet.

However, the war being discussed now is of a very different nature.

As I mentioned, the GOP is investigating a few things involving the Biden administration and Biden’s presidential campaign. Those things include Biden’s son Hunter and a particularly interesting laptop found of his, COVID and its response, the disastrous withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan, and the weaponization of certain government agencies against conservatives not following the leftist narrative.

Now, to be clear, all of these issues have clearly been a concern for a number of years now. However, due to the rather all-encompassing hold the Democratic left has had on Washington over the past couple of years, little to nothing has been done about them.

Of course, thanks to the 2022 midterms, that’s all changed. Now, the Republican Party is back in control of the House of Representatives. As such, it has at least some measure of power or at least the ability to supposedly hold the executive branch accountable for its actions.

As NPR reported, this means the House Judiciary Committee can now launch full investigations into any and all of these concerning matters.

And apparently, the reality of such is causing quite a stir among Biden’s legal representation.
Naturally, NPR is downplaying just how worried they might be and the investigations as a whole.

Instead, much of the report focuses on a few leftist groups who are trying to call out the GOP’s “lies” and “hypocrisy.”

But the report still isn’t able to shy away from the fact that massive amounts of damage could be done to Biden and the entire Democratic Party as a result of the investigations. In particular, is concern about what the investigations could do to the party’s chances in 2024.

As a political advisor for the Obama administration, Eric Schultz told the outlet that even if there are “hints of corruption or scandal or impropriety, that will undermine the president’s ability to stay in the good graces of the electorate.”

And the fact that Biden’s lawyers are meeting in rooms previously used by the secretary of war is rather telling as to just how serious these allegations against Biden and his administration could be.
Of course, the effect of scandal or corruption may have gotten Biden into this mess, to begin with – at least in part.

If you remember, Hunter Biden’s scandalous laptop was found before Biden was elected president. And for that reason, Biden’s campaign (allegedly) partnered with Big Tech companies like Twitter and Facebook to keep the whole thing out of the press and the public eye.

If true, this means that a presidential campaign used a large private company to censor information that could have affected the election—a big no-no.

Similarly, the investigations also allege that Biden then, both before and once installed as president, used governmental agencies such as the FBI and the DoJ to target and censor his political adversaries and anyone not willing to go along with his administration’s side of the story.

Again, this could have dire consequences as it directly violates the First Amendment rights of countless US citizens.

And these are just two of the allegations – now investigations – against the Biden administration.
No wonder Biden’s lawyers are holed up in secretive rooms and in much deliberation. They had better be ready to face the music.