Biden Celebrates MLK Day by Pushing the Racial Divide Instead of Unity

Andrea Izzotti /
Andrea Izzotti /

The third Monday in January is a day to commemorate the remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr. While January 15th is his birthday, the election to make his Remembrance Day on a consistent calendar day has allowed for a 3-day weekend for many federal workers, students, and others. Across this great land, many speeches in his honor are given. Plaques and statues are dedicated. The American mindset goes back to a message of unity.

Yet when President Biden steps to the podium he shows his true colors. Instead of pushing the message that we are all a united country and that there is no difference between people based on their skin color, Biden went the opposite way. Even worse, he did so by making weak connections based on car insurance and housing.

Appearing at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC for Al Sharpton’s National Action Network MLK Jr. Day celebration, President Biden’s message fell in lockstep with the racist agenda Sharpton is known for. Proclaiming to the audience “If you live in one of those neighborhoods and you have the same exact car I have in the other neighborhood, you pay more for your insurance than that side. No basis for it! None at all other than you’re black, and I’m white.”

This message of a racial divide on car insurance is a message that has been proclaimed for decades, but never with an apples-to-apples comparison. There are always more differences than skin color. Driving record, age of the vehicle, and crime in the neighborhood are just some of the factors in these rates. Unfortunately, people like Biden and Sharpton refuse to see how shortsighted this comparison is.

He kept the same message of divide and hate up as he transitioned to housing developments.

“You know if you build, in the last 25 years, if you build a housing development on one side of an interstate highway and you built the same one on the opposite side and one is predominantly black and the other is predominately white, guess what? The value of the exact same home built by the exact same builder is more valuable on the white side of that highway than the white side. That’s a fact.”

He later vowed that he would take “meaningful affirmative steps to overcome the patterns of segregation,” and underscored that by adding “a black family’s homes often appraise at a much lower value than the same home owned by white families.” With his claims that 40% of infrastructure funding would be going into “disadvantaged communities,” he believes that this will change everything.

Then again, he also thought throwing money at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) because they are as talented as kids in other schools. “The folks at HBCUs are as competent as anyone else. But guess what? They don’t have the laboratories. They don’t have the funding.” Never mind that funding is lower due to a lack of legacy donors, and enrollment.

Messages like these don’t do anything to change the past. Nothing can do that. However, we are now in 2023, and as much as Biden and the other leftists love to preach equality, they only believe that comes from further division and shifting inequality. It’s not how to fix things, and it will never work like that.

Hearing a speech like this from a sitting President is just dangerous. On a day when the country comes to celebrate the life of a man who preached for peace and unity, telling attendants that you and the government are only serving to separate us more is just wrong. It turns division into anger and resentment very quickly. Those two easily cultivate hate, and that is something we as a nation need a lot less of.

Damn the agenda to divide the country, damn the left, and damn Joe Biden for trying to stoke the fires of hate like this.