Biden Economy: Up to 400 Burger King Restaurants About to Close

John David Photography /
John David Photography /

The Biden economy is falling apart. No matter how much the administration lies to the American people about “jobs added” or how “inflation is slowing,” no one can deny the evidence right in front of us. The country is in terrible shape, and it is 100% Joe Biden’s fault. Burger King is about to shut down 400 restaurants across the United States, which will result in approximately 6,000 more entry-level service jobs being eliminated from the economy.

These closures and job losses are the downstream effect of the supply chain chaos caused by the Biden regime two years ago. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg took months off for “paternity leave” in 2021 so he could “chestfeed” a designer baby that he bought off the internet. Meanwhile, cargo ships were backed up for miles off West Coast harbors, and trucking companies were on the verge of going broke because of Biden’s $6-a-gallon diesel.

All franchise restaurants like Burger King are required to purchase their products from their corporate headquarters. Because Burger King Corporation can no longer fill orders of its franchisees, it’s a hot mess and a disaster for anyone who wants a Whopper with cheese, not to mention the restaurant employees who are now losing their jobs.

In Michigan, for example, the main Burger King franchisee company is EYM King Michigan, LLC. Because the company could not get its orders resupplied by Burger King Corporation, EYM closed all 26 of its restaurants in 12 cities across Michigan. There are no longer any Burger Kings operating in Detroit, Flint, and 10 other cities. 424 employees lost their jobs.

Can you imagine this happening in America? Fast food restaurants can’t even keep their doors open because the Biden economy is in such fragile shape.

Here’s a local news report from Detroit about one of the last Burger Kings being shut down there: