Biden is Looking a Lot Like Jimmy Carter in 1980

Nir Levy /
Nir Levy /

For those of you who do not doubt that Biden will fall on his face in 2024, I have one name to mention: Jimmy Carter in 1980. And it’s amazing how similar he and Biden are…

Now, I know you’re all thinking, ‘Yeah, but Carter lost to Ronald Reagan in 1980. And by a lot.’ And you’d be right.

But as late as January of that year, it looked as though Carter would win. Polls from that time show Carter leading Reagon by a whopping 23 points at least and a full six months closer to the election than we are now.

And, if you were alive to remember or just know your history, Carter was pretty much just like Biden is, or at least his presidency was.

Under Carter, we had suffered the Iran hostage crisis (not too unlike the embarrassing Biden withdrawal from Afghanistan), inflation was up, as was unemployment, and gas prices were sky-high. We were in the middle of an energy crisis. And all Carter seemed to do was toss it all under the rug for three years.

See the similarities?

And yet, after more than three years of that, he still held a giant lead over Reagan.

Why? Because people still believed Carter was worth voting for. And unfortunately, the same is true of Biden today.

You see, unlike your and I’s version of how 2024 will go, with Biden never amassing enough votes to even win the primary, let alone the general election, there are whole swaths of people who have an entirely different version.

Just as they did in 2020, when they put Biden in the White House, they still see Trump as the destroyer of democracy. They still see him as racist, a bigot, and a laughingstock. They also see low inflation numbers, nonexistent unemployment, and a border finally under control.

And unfortunately, their version is purported in mainstream media more often than ours.

Now, as in 1980, there is still a chance for them to come to their senses at the last minute. However, it means just telling the world that Biden is dementia-ridden won’t be enough. We are going to have to take him seriously.

Perhaps a third-party challenger will do some good too…