Biden Quietly Finishes Building a Racist Border Wall at Yuma, AZ

Ringo Chiu /
Ringo Chiu /

Joe Biden very quietly had contractors finish up sections of the Trump border wall near Yuma, Arizona, sometime in September. His very first day in (stolen) office, Joe Biden signed an executive order to terminate all construction of America’s defensive border wall. Polling on immigration must be catastrophic for Democrats in 2024. Biden has now plugged a major hole in Arizona after declaring border walls to be racist and stupid and a “waste of money.”

Arizona Republican State Rep. Michele Pena heard that the wall had been miraculously completed by the border wall fairy, so she went to see it for herself.

“They’re pretty much done,” said Pena. “The four gaps that were needed on the south side by Morelos Dam, it’s pretty much complete already. It goes all the way to where the materials were and then the gaps.”

Pena went to visit the formerly unfinished sections of the border wall sometime in September with a local radio host named Russ Clark. She notes that Joe Biden left the border wall construction materials that had been bought and paid for by the Trump administration had just been left on the ground. Biden used American tax dollars to wastefully pay for new materials and finish the wall with those.

“The originally purchased stainless steel that was there, the metal steel was just lying on the ground while new construction had been bought and finished up there,” said Pena.

Clark marveled at the outrageous waste of money that Joe Biden had spent on the wall, considering the materials to finish it had already been purchased and were just waiting there.

“They built it; I don’t know when or how long. I understand now that it was well over 10 million they spent for what I would suggest to you is less than half a mile of fixes, an outrageous amount of money,” said the radio host.

“I was shocked, and it was all new and shiny because they didn’t use any of the existing material. They walked over them to put up brand-new stuff with brand new material and spent a fortune on it to put it right in line.”

It’s an odd decision, especially going back to look at Joe Biden’s statement when he signed the executive order to stop building the wall. At the time, he stated, “Building a massive wall that spans the entire southern border is not a serious policy solution. It is a waste of money that diverts attention from genuine threats to our homeland security.”

It seems pretty clear that the Biden White House is receiving too much heat from blue states like New York and Illinois following Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott’s move to bus tens of thousands of illegals to those states. Democrat voters in those cities are furious. Illegal immigration is all fun and games until they show up on your own doorstep.

Rasmussen Reports was stunned by their latest poll on the 2024 presidential election. The result was a 53% win for Donald Trump in the general election, with 30% of likely Democrat voters now saying they’ll vote for him. That’s the first time that Trump has polled this high in any poll since 2016.

The Democrats are getting killed on this issue. That could be the reason behind the sudden about-face from Joe Biden. He finished the Trump Wall near Yuma without telling anybody, and now he’ll turn around and try to tell everyone that the border crisis isn’t so bad after all. But will anyone believe him at this point?