Biden Throws Buttigieg Under the Bus

Jeremy Bustin Photography /
Jeremy Bustin Photography /

If it hasn’t been made clear, oh, since day one as President Joe Biden’s Department of Transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg needs to go. I mean, I really can’t imagine a more incompetent cabinet member, and Biden has a lot of them.

And now, it would seem that even Biden himself is unsure of Buttigieg’s benefits to the nation. Of course, he didn’t come out and say that in so many words. But in what is the most recent transportation-related snaffoo on Buttigieg’s watch, Biden’s remarks on it don’t exactly inspire much confidence in the man.

If you haven’t heard, there’s been another significant problem with the FAA and the US airline industry.
Early Wednesday morning, a technical issue seemed to force a nationwide outage of flights, causing pretty much every plane in the nation to be grounded for over an hour by the Federal Aviation Administration. Naturally, this caused widespread turmoil and massive delays.

And just as naturally, everyone is wondering what happened and why.

When asked about it later on Wednesday during a press conference, Biden didn’t seem to have any answers, or at least that’s what he told the nation, while at the same time implying that the Department of Transportation and, in particular, Pete Buttigieg, didn’t have any idea either.

Biden said, “I just spoke to Buttigieg, and they don’t know what the cause is.”

He also made sure to add that he had instructed Buttigieg and his department to “directly” get back to him when they found out what went wrong.

Essentially, the comments threw Buttigieg a bit under a bus.

Part of the reason it did so was that Buttigieg himself had already made a statement of sorts earlier that morning about the alleged problem and its cause. He had even somewhat named a reason for the outage.

He posted on his Twitter account that he had been in touch with the FAA about the incident and that it seemed to be a glitch of sorts in the “key system for providing safety information to pilots.” He also noted that the FAA and his department were working diligently to resolve the issue “swiftly and safely.” They would keep the public updated when at all possible.

And yet, here was Biden, his boss, telling the nation that he didn’t know what was happening.
Now, based on Biden’s tendency to say things that aren’t true, this could be taken as just another example of Biden’s incompetence. However, it certainly doesn’t bode well for Buttigieg either.

And given the number of transportation-related problems since Buttigieg’s tenure in the White House began, one can only assume that, once again, he’s failed the American people.

I mean, who can forge the past year’s ongoing supply chain crisis? And then, there was a railroad worker strike that nearly crippled the US economy. And don’t even get me started on all the flight delays that occurred around the Holidays last year.

Buttigieg, as the head of transportation in the US, should be held accountable for all of them.

Then again, I’m not sure we should have expected anything more than complete and utter failure from him. I mean, this is the same man that let the city of South Bend, Indiana become one of the worst in the nation when it came to road conditions. In fact, the city won a grant after being named as the city with the worst pothole problem.

And yet, its mayor at the time, Buttigieg, was then named as the leader of transportation issues nationwide?

It sure as hell doesn’t make sense to me. But that seems to be the trend with Biden’s cabinet, doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter what they’ve done or haven’t done. If Biden thinks they’re good for his national image, he’s going to appoint them. It just turns out that’s a major reason why his popularity and overall job approval rating are so abysmally low.

And thanks to this most recent transportation error, Buttigieg isn’t doing much better.