Biden to Get Drug Cocktail Before Debates?

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By now, it’s no secret that Joe Biden’s mind has pretty much left. Sure, he has moments of lucidity. But they are few and far between these days. Yet, he’s expected to go toe to toe with Donald Trump in a matter of weeks…

Naturally, there are plenty of assumptions as to how this will go, with at least a few suggesting that the only way it will be possible is if Biden is amped up on a cocktail of drugs.

If you haven’t heard, the debate is to take place on June 27, hosted by CNN. Biden or someone on his team publicly accepted the invitation by the outlet on May 15 and then quickly questioned whether Trump would accept.

Of course, being of sound mind, Trump has no reason to turn down such an opportunity. And so he was quick to accept also.

However, since accepting, he has said he would like to see Biden drug tested before he gets on the debate stage.

He made the supposed demand while speaking at Minnesota GOP’s annual Lincoln Reagan fundraising dinner.

As Politico reported, Trump said, “I don’t want him coming in like the State of the Union. He was high as a kite. I said, ‘Is that Joe up there, that beautiful room?’ And by the end of the evening, he’s like” – Trump made guttural noise – “He was exhausted, right? No, we’re going to demand a drug test.”

Of course, the Biden campaign claims this is just the usual “performance art” we should expect from Trump, “the kicking and screaming” of a man who “came out looking like a loser.”

And while none of us should be too surprised at Trump’s “antics,” we also can’t exactly count out the reality that Biden is going to need help debating his main opponent.

As Trump correctly stated, “He can’t talk. He can’t walk, can’t find his way off a stage, can’t put two sentences together’ most of the time. Yet, he’s now supposed to take on someone as quick-witted as Trump and on live television?

“He’s going to be so jacked up for those debates, you watch.”