Biden’s Reaction to the Letter Trump Left Him…

Shirley Preston /
Shirley Preston /

As you might imagine, former President Donald Trump and sitting President Joe Biden are not likely on the best of terms. I mean, not only were they opponents in one of the most hotly contested political races to ever be seen in our nation, but there is much speculation on how that race was not at all safe and secure, as the Democrats declared it was.

Additionally, the Democrats have assumed that it was Trump or at least his supporters who tried to raid the Capital on January 6 in an effort to either stop the certification of votes that supposedly gave Joe Biden the presidential win or perform a coup in which Trump could be declared our national leader.
Hell, Trump was even impeached for his alleged part in that day’s events by the House of Representatives.

And then, the House Select Committee created a whole panel hell-bent on nothing more than charging Trump with crimes against the nation and ruining any Republican who might be associated with him.

To say that the relationship is a bit strained is quite an understatement, to be sure.

And yet, it would appear that not all is lost between the two presidents, at least not according to a recently released book focusing on the first two years of Biden’s presidency.

The book, called “The Fight of His Life” by Chris Whipple, includes a short part about a letter that Trump apparently left for Biden in the White House upon his departure from the Oval Office. The act is a tradition that, for the most part, all US presidents have participated in to complete a more peaceful transition to the office and leadership.

Now, to be clear, no one really knows what was in the letter. Just like all the letters before, it is a “for the new president’s eyes only” thing.

But according to Whipple’s book, whatever Trump left for Biden was “gracious and generous.”

I know it’s not exactly what you were expecting, right? I mean, nothing about how Biden might have stolen the election. None of the mean threats or words Trump is so apparently known for.

And this is not the only time the letter has been mentioned with similar wording. In a podcast interview with former White House press secretary Jen Psaki, it was also noted that the letter, while being “very long,” was also very “lovely,” from what she could see.

Shortly after taking office, even Biden used the term “generous” to describe the letter when asked about it by the press, according to Mediaite.

And that means, just perhaps, Trump’s not quite the monster the pollical left would like to paint him as.

I mean, let’s think about when this letter would have been written. Surely, it was after the November 2020 election, as well as after the fateful January 6 protests during which Biden was officially certified as the incoming President of the United States.

And yet, it would have been during this same time period that Biden, Biden’s staff, and his political allies would have been the most hostile to Trump.

Still, Trump chose to write a “gracious and generous” letter to the 46th president.

But what this also means is that no matter the atmosphere the media tries to say exists between the two men or even the two parties, perhaps things aren’t quite as bad as we thought. Perhaps decency among the differing parties does exist after all.

Furthermore, that means we, as members of those parties, as citizens of ONE nation, need to be just as ‘gracious’ and generous in our words and actions towards others. No, it doesn’t mean we must take whatever they want to dish out. It doesn’t mean we just give up.

However, it means that when we fight, and even when we don’t, we do so, acknowledging that on the other end of whatever is going on is a human being who, at the end of the day, deserves respect and at least some modicum of grace.