British Columbia Passes Law to Jail Doctors for “COVID Misinformation”

Niyazz /
Niyazz /

Canada surprised everyone a year ago when Justin Trudeau declared himself a dictator and started seizing the bank accounts of anyone who opposed his vaccine mandates.

The medical tyranny is only getting worse up there in 2022.

Lawmakers in British Columbia have just passed a new law that will imprison doctors if they give medical advice that is different from the approved government narrative. The law is incredibly vague, banning “misinformation.” But we all know what this is really about.

The Health Professionals and Occupations Act was passed in British Columbia and instantly received Royal Assent, which means it’s now the law of the land. All it requires now is a cabinet order to set a start date for implementation. The law makes sweeping changes to how doctors are allowed to treat patients, and how doctors themselves must be totally subservient to the government.

Once the law is implemented, College Boards will be assembled that can enforce any and all governmental vaccine mandates on healthcare workers. If the next Covid booster shot is mandated by the government, these College Boards will have the authority to strip a doctor of his or her license, if they don’t provide proof of current, up-to-date vaccination. Doctors are not even allowed a hearing to protest or defend themselves against the total destruction of their careers.

If a doctor so much as complains about the College Boards’ decisions, they would lose their license automatically.

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms in Canada says that the law empowers College Boards and registrars to “obtain orders of compliance, orders for entry into premises to search, seize or copy property, orders to secure premises and prevent an owner from entry, to order fines for non-compliance of up to $200,000, as well as to order jail time for up to six months if a healthcare worker is deemed to have made a false or misleading statement.”

The law is so vague that it doesn’t actually define what constitutes a “false or misleading statement,” or “misinformation.” What it really means is that if a doctor says anything that is philosophically opposed to the government’s narratives or mandates, they can be thrown in prison for six months and forced to pay a $200,000 fine.

This is crazy. Every patient is different. Every human being is physically unique. A doctor might recommend a certain course of treatment for one patient, and a different course of treatment for another based on their weight, age, or other factors.

If the government decides that option A or option B in that scenario is the rule, that doctor faces imprisonment and monetary fines for making “misleading statements,” when the real goal of the doctor was to provide the best level of care possible for all of his patients.

During the early days of the so-called pandemic, multiple doctors in Canada lost their medical licenses because they publicly said things that later turned out to be completely true. One major problem with this new law is that government “experts” were so consistently wrong throughout the entire pandemic. This happened in the US and Canada.

Remember when Dr. Anthony Fauci said that no one should wear a mask to protect against Covid? His explanation then was that people were simply too stupid to wear masks properly. Today he’s still calling for forced masking in daycares and pre-schools. The science, however, has shifted completely by now; every independent study agrees that masks don’t work.

Doctors in Canada could have literally lost their medical licenses by following Fauci’s advice.

It’s amazing how so many Western nations turned on a dime during the pandemic and became communist dictatorships. And it’s scary but true that if Democrats in America had the authority to do so, they would gleefully follow Canada’s example when it comes to this law.