CA Pedophiles Serve Less Than a Year for Their Heinous Crimes

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California has been a haven for pedophiles for years. From pedophile-only areas of the state to loose laws that protect the Hollywood elite from charges stemming from inappropriate actions with kids, they have taken a soft stance on such a heinous segment of crime.

Now, it seems that even jail sentences are becoming lighter than ever. According to a report from The Daily Mail (TDM), they analyzed a report of sex offenders in the state. They learned that over 7,000 child molesters were released after spending only months in prison following a conviction from federal authorities.

Former Los Angeles sex crimes prosecutor Samuel Dordulian spoke with TDM about their findings. “Statistics clearly show that pedophiles don’t get reformed. They’re going to come out, and they’re going to commit again. Letting these people out early, we’re allowing for a lot more victimization — and that’s terrifying.” He also went on to describe this as “frightening for society.”

Currently, CA law requires offenders to register their address with the state and update their address when they move with the Department of Justice. The names of these offenders as well as numerous other personal details are put into a public database per Megan’s Law. The law comes from the Clinton administration, which in 1996 created the database and law in response to the murder of 7-year-old Megan Kanka by a pedophile.

Their report used data from July 2019, where 54,986 sex offenders were listed on the website, with 41,794 or 76% of those offenses involving children. Dordulian explained that this is due to the policies from CA Governor Gavin Newsom allowing for shortening of sentences to reduce the prison population.

“With Newsom, they’ve passed a lot of legislation where they are allowing for resentencing, they’re allowing for people to come back and there’s a push to have less time spent in prison. That has been the push for the last at least five years: letting people out of prison much earlier than what their sentences were for. But these types of individuals, they’re not amenable to rehabilitation, and studies have shown that they’re gonna harm another child. It’s a very, very scary trend.”

Looking even deeper into this, “lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age,” was committed 19,441 times and served as the most common offense in the database. Yet the average time spent in prison for this crime was just two years and 11 months. For 7,152 pedophiles, they got less than a year for this crime.

There is also a more extreme version of this charge where the child was under 14 and the offense was committed “by force or fear.” 114 men also ended up getting less than a year for stealing the laughter of these children.

Additionally, 13 counts of aggravated sexual assault of an under-14 with intent to rape, three counts of kidnapping a child under 14 with intent to commit lewd or lascivious acts, five counts of assault with intent to rape an under-18, and two counts of pimping minors all received under a year for their crimes.

Let those disgusting stats sink in.

Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami admitted that things had only gotten worse recently. According to him Proposition 57, a 2016 bill allowing early parole for nonviolent felons was supported by his boss, LA DA George Gascón.

“Thousands of child victims are being denied justice and George Gascón and his group of radical prosecutors can care less The CDCR [California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation] is not even notifying the child victims and their families of these early releases…This will clearly endanger our future generation of children and our entire community. It’s a disgrace that the state of CA is not prioritizing the safety and well-being of our children.”

This is beyond a disgrace. This is an outright attack on these children. Haven’t they been victimized enough already?