City Erupts in Fury Over Newly Proposed Immigrant Shelter

JaySi /
JaySi /

Over the last few years, even decades, you’ve likely heard all about some more northern cities’ desire to be ‘sanctuary cities’ for illegals and migrants. But now, with many of them quite literally being overrun with exactly what they asked for, that desire is definitely waning.

Take Chicago, for example.

Much like New York City, Los Angeles, and others, the Windy City declared itself a haven for illegal migrants years ago. But with Biden’s open border policies, those migrants have been flooding to just such places for a place to call home.

Only the city is all too quickly running out of both room and resources. And the city’s residents and even leaders are growing less and less accepting of their new neighbors.

As Chicago Alderwoman Julia Ramirez told WFLD-TV last week, the city is pretty much up in arms over the current situation. In Brighton Park, a section of Ramirez’s ward on the southwest side of the city, protesters showed up by the hundreds when it became known that a temporary “base camp” was being constructed in the area to house around 2,000 illegal migrants for a while.

Ramirez told the outlet she went to the site to see what all the commotion was about, as she was never actually asked about the potential base camp for illegals.

While there, she says she was pretty much “assaulted” by the unhappy protesters. In fact, one of her staffers was sent to a hospital after sustaining non-lethal injuries while accompanying her.

The alderwoman naturally released a statement later about “respecting everyone’s right to peaceful protest, however, violence and hate is not the answer.”

And she’s right. Violence is certainly not and never is the answer.

However, it definitely speaks to just how upset the community and the city is over the constant barrage of illegal migrants flooding into the city and open-door policies.

It’s their own fault, of course. I mean, for decades now, cities like Chicago have kept on electing and hiring progressive leaders who care about “inclusion” for all and being woke than the actual residents of their cities.

Perhaps now, they’ll learn the error of their ways…