Fascist Dictator Running Ukraine Demands Another $55 Billion from US Taxpayers

Shag 7799 / shutterstock.com
Shag 7799 / shutterstock.com

Not one more dime for Ukraine. That should be the mantra that the taxpayers repeat over and over to their Republican congressmen and -women when the GOP takes over the House in January.

On top of the $90 billion in American taxpayer dollars that have already been committed to the most corrupt country in Eastern Europe, the miniature fascist dictator of that country – Volodymyr Zelensky – is now demanding that we give him another $55 billion. He’s not asking. He’s not begging with his hand out. He’s demanding the cash.

Zelensky fled his people in Ukraine back in March and has been recording fake videos with the help of a Hollywood film crew somewhere in Western Europe ever since. They’re using green screen technology to make it look like he’s still in some government building in Ukraine. That’s why people like Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell, not to mention a bunch of Hollywood celebrities, are doing photo ops with Zelensky. He’s in a safe, undisclosed location.

The little fascist now says he needs another $55 billion from America to start rebuilding Ukraine’s infrastructure that has been destroyed by Russia.

Huh?! Should he perhaps finish up the war one way or another before rebuilding infrastructure like power plants? What’s the point of rebuilding anything right now, if Russia is simply going to bomb it again?

$38 billion of the $55 billion would be to pay for Ukraine’s entire government budget for 2023. In other words, it will pay the salaries of all the bureaucrats in Ukraine’s government, even though most of those people have fled the country and are now in other EU countries. There’s also the fact that at least $20 billion that has been sent to Ukraine so far is totally unaccounted for. The money’s just gone.

Candace Owens and others have reported that Ukraine government officials are now running around in Lamborghinis in other European countries and buying luxury condos and mansions. Because that’s not suspicious at all when their home country has supposedly been devastated. Talk about taking the money and running.

That’s what Ukraine has always been like, though. In 2021, Transparency International rated Ukraine as one of the most corrupt governments on earth. Places like Zambia and Algeria have more honest and reliable governments than Ukraine under Zelensky. When Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) called for an audit of all the cash we’ve sent to Ukraine so far, Senate Democrats voted it down. No one knows where the money went – and many of them don’t want to know.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says that Ukraine’s annual budget is actually $3 billion per month. That would work out to $36 billion for the fiscal year 2023. But Zelensky is asking for $38 billion. Is anyone curious about whose pocket that “extra” $2 billion from the US taxpayers was going to end up in?

There’s also the fact that Joe Biden doesn’t want the money spigot to Ukraine to stop. If it does, that exposes Creepy Joe because the Ukrainians obviously have some serious dirt on him. This is the same country where Hunter Biden was being paid a million dollars a year for a no-show job on the board of an energy firm. If Joe doesn’t keep paying up, Zelensky is liable to release all sorts of files on him.

Finally, ask yourself this question: What would be different about your life tomorrow if Russia entirely overruns Ukraine and takes it over?

The short answer is… nothing. Not a single thing. Because Ukraine serves no national interest for America whatsoever. How many products in your home say, “Made in Ukraine?” Probably zero. This whole thing stinks from top to bottom, and frankly, the entire conflict is none of our business. So, why are we still paying for it?