Fed-Up Mayor Launches Campaign to Unseat Sen. Mitt Romney

Maria Dryfhout / shutterstock.com
Maria Dryfhout / shutterstock.com

A Utah mayor is completely fed up with Mitt Romney embarrassing the red state he’s supposed to be representing. Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs says he’s going to challenge Romney for his US Senate seat in the 2024 Utah primary. Staggs’ chances look good at this point since it would be impossible for anyone to do a worse job in the Senate for Utah. A monkey in a tree flinging its own doo-doo at passersby would be less embarrassing for Republican voters than having the sad, empty shell of Mitt Romney in the Senate.

Mitt Romney completely despises the Republican base that elected him to the Senate. After losing a perfectly winnable fight against Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election, Romney moved to Utah and managed to get elected in a shallow field in 2018. Following that, he went from simply appearing sad and weak to becoming a full-blown Never Trumper.

Staggs says he’s running for office because he wants to preserve and protect the country where his children will grow up. Mitt Romney is obviously not up to that task.

“Unfortunately, Mitt Romney has let personal beefs get in the way of good governance,” says Staggs. “From not standing with Mike Lee against raising the debt ceiling to voting for the $1.7 trillion omnibus, he has helped drive us deeper in debt.”

Only a tiny handful of US Senators have ever betrayed their own party by voting to impeach a president of their own party. Mitt Romney is one of them, and he did it twice. He was one of the only Republican suckers in the US Congress who believed the obviously fake Russia collusion hoax. He voted to impeach Donald Trump over a perfectly boring phone call with the Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky. Romney also voted to impeach Trump over the January 6 “fedsurrection.”

His terrible voting record and cheap shots at President Donald Trump have transformed Romney from a sad and weak old man who people felt sorry for, into one of the most hated figures in the Republican Party. Romney is one of only two Members of Congress to be caught using a fake Twitter account under an assumed name (the other being Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)).

Romney created the fictional “Pierre Delecto” account just so he could make anonymous cheap shots at a sitting Republican president. Sad!

Staggs came to prominence during the COVID lockdowns when he announced that he wouldn’t be enforcing mask mandates, social distancing, and other nonsense on the people in his city.

When Fox News asked him why he wasn’t imposing COVID restrictions on the citizens of Riverton, Staggs said, “In 2020, throughout America, we had kids forced home from school, parents forced home from work, and families forced home from church. Not in my town. I believe people will always make better decisions for their own lives than the government ever could.”

Mitt Romney even took it to the streets and marched with the domestic terrorists of Black Lives Matter in 2020. What was he thinking? Was it just his animosity toward Trump that led him to do that? We’ll never know, since he never gives a straight answer to questions any longer.

Several other Republicans in Utah are also considering running the GOP primary against Romney, including Utah House Speaker Brad Wilson. Romney has not announced whether he plans to run again in 2024. Wilson is another figure who couldn’t possibly do a worse job than Mitt Romney. We wish anyone running against Romney the best of luck!

Here is Trent Staggs’ campaign launch video: