FL Has a “Day Without Immigrants” To Protest Common Sense New Illegal Immigration Laws

VAlekStudio / shutterstock.com
VAlekStudio / shutterstock.com

Ever since Gov Ron DeSantis (R-FL) passed some of the strongest anti-illegal immigration laws in the nation, people have been afraid to come to FL. And many are quick to call out the state and its residents as racist. In protest of these new laws, migrants both legal and not left their jobs in the fields, kitchens, and gardens to protest across the state.

Fort Lauderdale’s Isis Cordova closed in protest, with signs and banners everywhere as the owner and her staff joined the protest. “I managed to get legal status in this country, and I said one day when I have documents I’m going to raise my voice. I’m also going to speak up for those people who don’t have a voice. Because I know what it’s like to be in these shoes on the other side, with that fear and living in the shadows.”

DeSantis was able to improve the state’s illegal immigration relocation program, as well as limit the social services illegals can receive with what was signed into law last month. Additionally, businesses with over 25 workers are now required to use E-Verify to be employed. This basic tool ensures employers are not giving jobs to illegal aliens instead of Americans. The cherry on top is the requirement that those seeking medical treatment on Medicaid must provide answers to citizenship questions on patient intake forms.

These are basic steps to ensuring Americans in Florida are receiving the best possible care, services, and help from those who are providing it. By keeping the illegals from clogging up the ER every time they have a sniffle, they encourage them to save it for when they are truly sick and either become legal or go home.

Changes like this are exactly what Governor DeSantis is about and what the American people should be about.

Instead, these illegals have taken to the streets and brought along the brainwashed dregs of the leftist society with them. The new laws they are protesting are ways of keeping the American people safe. Unfortunately, it is not an instant process to vet people who want to come into the country from countries that are notorious for their drugs and gang violence.

The fact that the countries from Mexico south and in the Caribbean all tend to love their drugs and gang violence is just an unfortunate fact of life. So it takes longer to vet them versus someone from Japan or Australia because of this. Unfortunately for them, this does not create a free-for-all to just rush the border and claim asylum or to just walk in illegally. Instead, it means waiting your turn and filing for the proper way to come here.

By making more laws to help enforce the laws already on the books, Gov DeSantis has sent a message. If those here illegally don’t want to take the hint, that is on them. The part that they fail to realize is that automation (especially AI) is making much of the work they do obsolete.

Testing for robots to pick strawberries and tomatoes has been happening across the state of Florida, and robots for growing and harvesting crops, as well as cooking, are already a thing. The necessity for illegal immigrants to come here and take jobs many Americans don’t want is quickly coming to an end.  Governor DeSantis is simply getting ahead of the trend.

As press secretary Jeremy Redfern told reporters, this is specifically aimed at those who are here illegally. “The media has been deliberately inaccurate about this distinction between legal and illegal immigration to create this very sort of outrage based on a false premise. Any business that exploits this crisis by employing illegal aliens instead of Floridians will be held accountable. Every country defends its borders with a sovereign right to do so.”

While many of the illegal immigrants love pointing to the “taxpayer ID” that many are issued to pay taxes here as an illegal, not all have that, nor do they all use it. Additionally, there are only so many hours they can work on that number. As such, many are using stolen or fake numbers to work more hours at additional jobs.