Fox News Now Force Their Employees To Play Make Believe

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Progressiveness has gotten incredibly thin in America. By leaning out their message and spreading it so much, it has now started to seep into what were previously considered impenetrable locations. Fox News recently let Tucker Carlson go for allegedly sending messages that could be seen as racially charged. Plus, his condemnation of Trump and former coworkers was a sign that things had changed.

A report from the Daily Signal shows that on May 22nd, the company updated its handbook to start walking through the land of make-believe with full acceptance of any transitions that might occur in the office. “Employees who are transitioning their gender have the right to be open about their transition if they so choose, and to work in an environment free of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation, and without fear of consequences or transphobia for living openly.”

With an HR company that is deeply entrenched in the far-left safe havens of New York City and Los Angeles, the company is widely known for its distortion of reality and open acceptance of the new “social norms” that the transgender community invents.  As a former Tucker Carlson producer told the Daily Signal, the company pushes the message of supporting traditional conservative values but is nothing but a massive tool for the far left behind the curtain.

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire has pointed out he was banned from appearing on the network because of his hardline stance on the issue. Others have suffered the same fate despite being voices for the very issues Fox News claims in public to be against.

On the other hand, former CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter sees the message from Walsh and the Daily Signal as trying to drive a massive wedge between Fox and their viewers. A point that looks to be perfectly valid given the situation. With the company’s board gaining a massive chunk of the central population they have been trying to straddle the line of the pressure to push transgender issues by progressives and the anti-illegal immigration headlines from the border.

Some of this fence-riding has been incredibly obvious if you are looking for it.

When it comes to these stories, Fox has flip-flopped on his pronouns multiple times. On May 16th, an article did everything it could to avoid saying feminine pronouns in an article about Bud Light lightning rod Dylan Mulvaney. Yet, just two days prior on May 14th, an article has no problem with it when talking about transgender athlete Natalie Ryan.

Given their ownership by widely known pro-migration senior citizen Rupert Murdoch, their two-track ideology on migration, transgenders, and any leftist hot-button issue isn’t surprising in the least. Instead, it’s quite predictable given his past issues.

While people playing both sides of the fence is nothing new in politics, the American people expect better from their news sources. Despite the wish of many in the center to just have straightforward news, major news networks are all being pulled to the left.

As Fox News has proven, even conservative labeled networks are being sucked in, and unable to pull out due to ownership with no backbone. As horrible as that sounds, they have no choice in the matter as without cowering they get called out about their resistance, and the sponsors dry up quickly. When that happens, people like Tucker Carlson get canceled to save ratings and try to retain those dollars.

Fox News is now just another network that has succumbed to the evil leftist machine’s push to dominate the eyes of Americans everywhere. A decision to embrace the trannies like this will only serve to backfire and cost Fox News the viewership that has kept the lights on through the tough years. While they have already shed a chunk of their people with Tucker’s turning of his back on Trump, this revelation makes things much worse.